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Seller's FAQ's

For Clothes

What are the various options of Selling on Kiabza?

  • What are the various options of Selling on KIABZA?
  • A Seller on Kiabza has two options of Selling products, Outright Sale or Consignment Sale. Under the Outright Sale option, they would be paid once the product(s) are approved by our Curation team. However, only Fast Fashion & High Street Branded Clothing are accepted under Outright Sale. This means that Luxury & Premium Clothing and Bags will only qualify for reselling under the Consignment Sale option. It is however to be noted that the Consignment Selling option entails a seller to a higher payout as compared to Outright Sale.

  • How is Consignment Selling a better option?
  • Under the Consignment selling option one gets the opportunity to earn more (i.e. upto 50%) on the Sale of your Products while under the Outright Sale option the seller gets paid almost immediately but the amount is smaller.

  • How Consignment Selling works on KIABZA?
  • You shall transfer minimum 3 product(s) (i.e. clothes) to us for approval which shall be screened at our end for quality. Once the same are approved, we shall inform you of their status by posting necessary information under Approved Products in your account online. Once we have your consent on the prices at which they would be listed, the product(s) would be listed on our website. If unfortunately, some of your products are not approved, the status of the same would be posted under Unapproved Product's in your account and we shall seek your consent to donate your products, you also have the option to call back your products at a cost of Rs.100/- each.

  • What is the Listing Period of the Consignment model?
  • This is the period for which the product(s) would remain listed on our website for our consignment model, and currently this period is 6 months. Any extension of this period could be mutually decided between us.

  • Can the products be returned back to the Seller before the listing period?
  • If any Seller wants to withdraw the product(s) before the minimum consignment period of 6 months, Kiabza will levy a small charge of Rs.200/- per product to meet the costs incurred by it in listing the said items on its website.

  • What happens to the products after the listing period?
  • If the listed products do not sell within the initial period of 6 months, the same would be either listed for an extended period to be mutually decided between Kiabza and the Seller or the same would be returned to the Seller. Only the shipping/courier cost would be paid by Kiabza.

What clothes to send?

  • What products do you accept for listing on KIABZA?
  • We currently accept only branded Men/Women and Children apparels/clothing for listing and resale on our website. You may consign us for selling all kinds of clothing except innerwear. The clothes should be in very good condition, i.e. the condition of the same should be good enough for you to share it with your Friends and Family. The apparels should be from our approved Brand List available on our website. Click here to see our Brand List.

  • What if my Brand is not on KIABZA’s Approved List?
  • If you have an apparel of a reputed brand in an excellent condition but the brand is unfortunately unlisted, please write to us at , and we shall get back to you after further studying the brand profile. There is always a possibility that we may have missed including this brand in our approved list.

  • What happens if my product(s) is/are proven to be unauthentic?
  • Kiabza has a zero tolerance policy towards fake/counterfeit products. Hence if any Seller sends product(s) which are discovered to be unauthentic, then Kiabza will levy Rs.1000/- penal charge per product along with Rs 250/- shipping charges per pc for sending the product(s) back. If this is unfortunately repeated, Rs.5000/- per product would be recovered as penal chages along with shipping charges as above. There would be no third time and the Seller will be permanently delisted from Kiabza.

  • What Products to send to ensure Listing on KIABZA?
  • We as a policy carry out 100% screening of the Clothes to be listed on our website. We have set standards for assessment of the product’s quality, and condition before clearing it for listing as per our Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Therefore, you are requested not to send us products with the following traits.

    • Fakes or Replicas.
    • Brand profile is unmatched as per our approved brand list.
    • Authenticity is not verifiable or is unclear.
    • Innerwear or Nightwear.
    • Clothes with artificial leather.
    • Stained.
    • Visible wear.
    • Kids Fashion.
    • Defective/damaged.
    • Altered in any way.
    • Discoloured.
    • Lost shape.
    • Unclean/unwashed/ foul smelling.
    Disclaimer : If any consigned products are made with Real/Faux Leather it is likely to lose skin, texture, shine, colour etc. due to storage, passage of time, inherent nature of the product etc. If unfortunately any such damage/impairment occurs, KIABZA will not be held responsible for the same.
  • How long would it take to list a product?
  • It would take about 7-10 Days to list the products after the same are received. The said time taken is on account of our stringent quality control processes, including professional photography. Product(s) requiring additional review & treatment will take about 12 -15 Days to list.

How to pack and ship?

  • How do I ship/send my appareals to you and who pays for it?
  • You would need to check if the apparels to be sent to us are listed in our approved Brand List. Thereafter, kindly screen the same to be sure that it would meet our quality requirements as stated above. All you need to do then is to fill out a simple form on KIABZA and book a pick-up. Thereafter, our logistics partners shall get in touch with you for a free pick-up of your clothes.

  • How do I pack the clothes to be picked-up?
  • You need to pack the products in a cloth bag strong enough to take the load of your clothes and vigour of the logistics process and have it sealed firmly. Please enclose a handwritten or a typed list of the clothes being sent in the bag for our verification purposes.

  • Is there a limit to the number of Clothes I can send?
  • We would need you to consign us minimum 3 clothes to book a pick-up free of cost, however, there is no maximum limit to the number of clothes you can send. However, please ensure that they would be able to meet our brand & quality reviews and you pack them in a strong enough bag to undertake the delivery process.

  • How will I know when my clothes have been received by KIABZA?
  • Once we receive your clothes, we'll send you a confirmation email so that you know that we got it. Please note that due to logistics, transit time and other reasons it can take up to 10 working days to reach us. Please note that the Seller retains all risk of loss or damage to the Property while the Property is in transit. All risk of loss or damage of the Product(s) will pass to KIABZA only when the Product(s) are in KIABZA’s physical possession. Kiabza's liabilty would be limited to the compensation amount granted by its Logistics partner for the said shipment.

What is the approval process?

  • How is the Quality Control (QC) process conducted for approval of the Clothing?
  • Once we receive your clothes, we screen them for quality and only those which meet quality standards are approved for listing on our website. If no communication is received from the Seller(s) within 30 days of the advisory, Kiabza reserves the right to dispose the products as it deems appropriate. The complete list of our quality parameters are as under:

    Sr. no Quality Parameters What we Verify / Screen ?
    1 Brand Profile We verify whether your clothing matches our Brand List
    2 Authenticity We reject fakes or replicas and also any clothing wherein the authenticity is unclear.
    3 Visual Check We screen for any stains, marks, tears, holes, missing labels of brand &/or size.
    4 Categories We make sure that the clothing does not fall into our unapproved categories, e.g Innerwear,  Indian-wear etc.
    5 Kids Fashion We do not accept kids fashion.
    6 Defective/Damaged We check for missing essentials like buttons, sequins, zippers etc or tears & holes of any kind/type.
    7 Altered in any way We rule out interventions/alterations of any type, e.g. by a tailor for re-sizing etc.
    8 Discoloration We check original color and that whether there are any signs of fading.
    9 Loss of Shape We do not accept clothing which has lost shape due to improper storage or overuse.
    10 Unclean/Unwashed We do not accept any clothing which has a foul odor or is dirty.
  • What are the various categories in which the clothing are sorted ?
  • We sort the clothing into the following five Quality categories (ie Condition) after the above process;

    New with Tags Indicates Absolutely New with original Tags intact, (Unworn).
    New without Tags Indicates New, but without Tags, (Unworn).
    Gently Used As good as new, worn only a few times, but with care and in very good condition.

    Kindly note that it would be our endeavour to list as many of your clothes as possible provided it meets are overall quality standards. Therefore, we may try and rectify any minor stains or defects in your clothes, at our QC Team's discretion, through our sanitization process. Please note that a small tear or a hole would be mended by stitching or darning as the case may be. However, a small cost of anywhere between a minimum of Rs.100 to Rs.500 per product will be deducted depending on the type of repairs carried out, basis the product(s) brand profile and condition and the same would be deducted from the payouts which would become due to you on their resale. The cost of refurbishment would be informed at the first stage itself. We will proceed with the mending process only once we receive an approval from your end. However, in doing so, if your clothes get inadvertently damaged, then we would not be responsible.

How will I know the status of my products?

  • How will I know the status of my products sent to KIABZA?
  • If you have sent us your products on an Outright Sale basis, we shall send you an email informing you about the status of your approved and unapproved products. If you have Consigned us your products, we shall upload all information about your products under your Seller account on the website. We shall also indicate the Maximum Selling Price (MSP) also called by us as “The KIABZA Price” of each of your approved items along with their SKU nos. (ie identification numbers of your items for you to track them on the website). Against the approved item(s) SKU’s, a tab of ‘Agree’ or ‘Disagree’ shall be provided for you to select and to give your consent or decline. Against the Unapproved item(s) SKU’s a tab of ‘Donate’ or ‘Return’ shall be provided for you to agree for a donation to any of our charity partners or to call back your items at your cost.

  • Who shall pay for the reverse shipping of the products to be sent back to me?
  • We shall deduct the logistics charges from the amounts due to you under Outright Sales or from the sale of any of your Consigned Products. In an unlikely situation that there are no approved items or listed items to recover the shipping costs from, we can then send the items back to you only on receiving payment of Rs.100/- per product from you for the recovery of our logistics and other costs. However, please note that in case the products cannot be sent back to you for non-receipt of the said charges, we would have no choice but to donate your products.

  • How will I know whether my clothes/money has been donated by KIABZA?
  • You can write to us on and we shall arrange for an acknowledgement from our charity partners.

How are the prices set and payments made?

  • Who decides the selling price of my Approved clothing to be listed on KIABZA ?
  • The price of approved clothing is defined by Kiabza and agreed to by the seller. If you have Consigned with us, we shall quote you the Maximum Selling Price (MSP) or the KIABZA price your approved clothing may fetch based on our experience and market research. However, we reserve the right to discount it as required up to 50% over 3 months.

  • How and When will I be paid?
  • If you have opted for the Outright Sale option, you would be paid once your products are approved by our quality control team. Our CRM team will send you an email informing you about the status of your products and the amount due to be paid to you. If you have opted for Consignment Sale, once your item gets sold on KIABZA we shall inform you after 2 working days of delivery to the Buyer. The two working days is the time allowed (Acceptance Period) to the buyer to return the clothes if he is not satisfied. We shall notify you about the sale after the said acceptance period and transfer the amount due to you to your bank account which we will request you to furnish. If you have missed our email, we will send a reminder email to you for your bank details. But if we do not receive your revert within 7 days of the reminder email as well then the payout amount will be transferred to your Kiabza account as reward points and the same can be redeemed while shopping on Kiabza.

  • How much payment will I finally get in hand?
  • If you have opted to sell to Kiabza on outright basis, you would be 15% of the Kiabza Price (also called MSP) or Rs 100/- whichever is higher, per approved product. However, if you have chosen to consign with us, once your product is sold on our website, we shall transfer your payment after reducing our Margins as explained below in point 5 and taxes such as GST applicable in the state of Maharashtra, currently the same is 5%. Any discounts provided to the customer would be proportionately reduced from your pay out amount.

What are KIABZA’s Margins for Consignment option?

    We believe in absolute transparency in our dealings, below is the margin chart for a Seller’s reference.

    Net Sale Price, Exclusive of 5% GST Kiabza’s Margin
    Upto 5000 50%
    5001 - 25,000 40%
    25,001 - 50,000 30%
    50,001 - 2,00,000 25%
    2,00,001 & Above 20%

    Thereafter a curation cost of Rs.100/- per piece to mitigate handling expenses incurred towards quality verification, cleaning, photography etc would be recovered from the Re-seller's share. Finally, the Re-seller would be paid out the balance available amount or Rs.50/- per piece whichever is higher.

For Bags/Belts/Wallets

How do I book a pick-up on KIABZA and consign my pre-owned Luxury product(s)?

A Seller needs to Register on KIABZA and accept its T&C for Listing. He / She needs to then email / whatsapp KIABZA a few product pictures adequately covering each product’s exterior and interior along with a close-up of the brand logo. The Seller also needs to provide a few product details like it’s condition in his / her opinion (New with tag, New but without Tag, Nearly New, Delicately Used etc.), product’s dimensions, its month/year of purchase, purchase price if available and any additional information such as original warranty, box, relevant papers, dust-bag availability etc. This will help Team KIABZA determine if your products are fit enough to be marketed and resold by KIABZA, and will also help us price your product better. Once we have an initial clearance from our Curation Team, we shall arrange a free pickup of the product(s) at a mutually convenient time.

What happens to my Products when it reaches KIABZA?

Once we receive your products, you would be promptly informed. Our Curation Team will then carry out a thorough assessment of your product(s) and we shall inform you on the approval status of each in writing. Each product will be allotted an SKU number for our internal reference and the same would also be communicated to you in order for you to track the said products on our website, post its listing.

How are Luxury Products Approved @KIABZA and how is pricing determined. Also, what happens to the Unapproved products?

Each product is examined closely for Quality & Condition and a thorough internal analysis is made on the marketability of the product(s) taking into account its brand profile & fashion quotient. Based on the said analysis a reselling List Price is determined, also called the Kiabza Price. We shall seek your written consent on the said prices, i.e. at which the Approved product(s) would be listed on our website. We will, however, as a policy, not entertain any negotiations on the same. If unfortunately, some of your products are not approved, we shall seek your consent to donate the unapproved products to one of our Charity partners. You would also have the option to call back your approved/unapproved product(s) at a cost of Rs.1000/- each. If we don’t hear from you within 7 days of our communication, we shall consider it as an auto approval for Listing or Donation as the case maybe.

What is the minimum Listing Period and can I call back my approved product any-time before its expiry?

Listing period is the minimum period of 6 months from its receipt date during which your product will remain with KIABZA for reselling. While booking a pick-up, you undertake to give us an auto approval to keep your approved products with us physically for reselling. You cannot call back the Approved products before the expiry of the minimum tenure. If you insist, then you would have to reimburse KIABZA, INR 5000 per product, towards Curation and other charges, before the products can be shipped back to you.

Will my Luxury products be safe with KIABZA?

Absolutely, it will be Kiabza’s responsibility to ensure that the product(s) are handled carefully and preserved in the same condition as received. The Company will be responsible for any Loss or damage to the product till it’s sold, donated or returned to the customer.

How will I know when my product(s) get sold & when will I receive my money?

Once an order is received, Kiabza will process the order and professionally pack and deliver the product to the customer. Kiabza will wait for 2 calendar days (which is the minimum tenure allowed to a customer to request a Return, as per policy) before informing the Seller about the Sale. Promptly, on expiry of the Return window, Kiabza will arrange for the Bank transfer of the agreed proceeds after reducing its Margins, as given below. The Seller would be requested to share his / her KYC and PAN details whenever required for statutory purposes.

What happens to my products if they do not get sold in minimum the listing period?

If the listed products do not sell within the initial period of 6 months, the same would be either listed for an extended period & at a revised list price to be mutually decided between Kiabza and the Seller or the same can be de-listed from the website as per the Seller’s request and returned.

What are Kiabza’s Margin?

We believe in absolute transparency in our dealings, below is the margin chart for a Seller’s reference.

Net Sale Price, Exclusive of 18% GST Kiabza’s Margin
500 - 5000 50%
5001 - 25,000 40%
25,001 - 50,000 30%
50,001 - 2,00,000 25%
2,00,001 & Above 20%

Please note that the Net Sale Price is arrived at by reducing the List Price (Kiabza Price) by any cash or promotional discount availed by the customer and then by 10% for recovery of Curation Cost incurred by Kiabza on the product(s).

What Brands does Kiabza accept?

Following are the few brand names - Alexander McQueen, Alexander Wang, Baggit, Balenciaga, Balmain, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Calvin Kelin, Caprese, Cartier, Celine, Chanel, Charles and Keith, Chloe, Christian Louboutin, Coach, Da Milano, Dior, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana, Esbeda, Fendi, Fossil, Furla, Givenchy, Goyard, Gucci, Guess, Hermes, Hidesign Jimmy Choo, Judith Leiber, Juicy Couture, Kate Spade New York, Lavie, Longchamp, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, MCM, Michael Kors, Miu Miu, Moschino, Mulberry, Nine West, Prada, Saint Laurent, Salvatore Ferragamo, Stella McCartney, Steve Madden, Tod’s, Valentino, Versace, Victoria Beckham, Zara.

What if my Brand is not on Kiabza’s Approved List?

If you have a product of a reputed brand in an excellent condition but the brand is unfortunately unlisted, please write to us at, and we shall get back to you after further studying the brand profile. There is always a possibility that we may have missed including this brand in our approved.

For Shoes

Are the shoes Sanitized?

Yes, all our shoes are completely and thoroughly sanitized through our sanitization partners so you can wear and enjoy them as you receive them.

What is Kiabza’s Exchange, Return and Refund policy for Fashion products?

Exchange Policy - Kiabza doesn’t allow exchange’s. Return Policy – We don’t allow returns on shoes unless the product gets damaged in transit and only if one provides us with an unboxing video as evidence.

Seller's FAQ's

I have a question or an issue which is not covered above, what should I do?

You are most welcome to write to us at or you can call on our customer support number which is 8693881100 between 10 Am and 7 Pm, Monday to Friday, and we shall be more than happy to help you.

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